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30 Helpful Bing Statistics

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The market of search engines is basically run by three major players – Google, Baidu and Bing. 

On a global level, Bing is ranked in third place. Based on the Bing statistics and the overall market ranking, it has a query volume of 4.58%. 

Bing is launched and operated by the tech giant Microsoft.

The goal?

To be the main alternative to Google.

While Baidu is the ultimate leader in China, on a more global level the “battle” is between Google and Bing.

How much do you know about Bing?

Let’s take a look behind the curtains:[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”10 Most Important Bing Stats (Editor’s Choice)” font_container=”tag:h2|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]

  • 453 searches are made on Bing every day.
  • In the US, around 12 million searches are performed daily.
  • With 14.35 million, Facebook is the most searched query on Bing.
  • Google gets around 14% of the monthly searches on Bing.
  • The market share of Bing in the US is 33%.
  • In 2019, Bing had 2.32% of the worldwide search engine market.
  • Male and female users on Bing have an equal 50% share.
  • Bing had a growth of 17% in 2018.
  • Advertising on Bing is 4 times more affordable than it is on Google.
  • 75% of the searches on Bing come through desktop computers.

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Most Notable Bing Facts and Stats” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]

1. Bing was launched in 2009.

As a property of the Microsoft corporation, Bing was first launched on June 3rd, 2009. The first announcement for the launch was made by Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer. At a conference in San Diego, California, Steve Balmer announced that Bing is going to replace the previous search engine Live Search. 


2. There are 453 million searches made on Bing every day.

According to Ahrefs, Bing users search the engine around 453 million times every day. There’s no official information, but if we compare the stats about Google and the percentage of the market search shares, we get over 450 million Bing searches per day.


3. Bing had 963.5 million unique visitors in October 2019.

The Bing user statistics show that in October 2019 here were 963.5 million unique visitors. This is a slight rise from the 950 million they had the previous month. However, the stats also show that just 6 months previously, in May, Bing had 1.034 billion unique visitors. 


4. The Bing app has 5 million downloads on Google Play Store.

Even though the Google Play Store is a part of the competition, it is still the best place to find your favorite apps on Android. Bing has around 5 million downloads there alone. Not counting the rest of the places where people can do the same. 


5. With 14.35 million, Facebook is the most search query on Bing.

As of October 2019, Bing users searched “Facebook” over 14 million times. An additional 3.96 million goes to the query “Facebook log in”. This means Facebook is really the top thing people look for on Bing. Second place goes to YouTube with 11.25 million.


6. 10.15 million people searched for Google on Bing.

This is very interesting information. Over 10 million people were searching for the biggest rival of this search network just to go there and perform another search. If it is any consolation, on Google, Bing was searched around 9.3 million times. These stats are from November 2018.


7. Bing has been searched on Bing 2.97 million times.

This is an interesting phenomenon that no one can really explain. People use Bing to search for…Bing. 

On the top 100 list of search queries, Bing is 13th, with almost 3 million searches. The same phenomenon happens on Google  – users searched “Google” over 85 million times.


8. Bing can show results in 41 languages.

Bing is multilingual. In fact, it shows results in 41 languages among which are Albanian, Catalan, Tamil, and others. At the same time, Bing facts say that it is made to be displayed in another 3 languages, which makes a total of 44. 


9. In the USA, Bing is responsible for 33% of the search queries.

On a global level, Google is on top.

However, in the US, the difference is not so big. According to the stats for Bing vs Google competition, the difference is not that huge. Google’s share for search queries is around 62%. Bing’s is 33%. 

People who’re not aware of the global market share will see this as a big difference. But take Brazil, for example. There Google dominates with over 95% of all search queries.

See what we’re talking about?


10. Bing offers rewards for its users.

Bing management used some standard marketing strategies to get more users. They are now offering rewards for people who use this search engine. Every search and purchase made through it gives the users points which they can later use for gift cards or nonprofits. 


11. Bing is being used equally among males and females.

According to Bing audience statistics, the number of females and males using this engine is equal – 50% for both. This wasn’t the case a few years ago. At the beginning of the decade, around 58% of users were female. At the same time, Google users were only 45% female.


12. 66 million Americans use Bing as their primary search tool.

According to Comscore, almost half of the US population that is searching for something is doing it through Bing. They base this fact on the Bing usage statistics in two categories. Around 66 million Americans use only Bing when searching for something. Another 62 million are doing it both on Google and Bing.

So, around half of the population use Bing, at least occasionally.


13. Bing potential is around 1.5 billion active users.

There are 1.5 billion computers in the world using Microsoft components and the Windows operative system. Over 900 million of them are using Windows 10. The Bing traffic stats show that 48% of the searches come through Windows 10. If Microsoft made this feature earlier, Google wouldn’t have been dominating right now. Still, this makes it clear that the future of Bing is brighter than it seems at the moment.


14. Microsoft Office users use Bing without noticing.

More often than not, people use Bing without even knowing it. The 1.2 billion Office users have the Bing search option on one click away. All the features of the Office programs are connected to the internet through Bing. 


15. Microsoft voice assistant Cortana made 18 billion searches through Bing.

The voice assistant of Microsoft, Cortana, was launched in 2014. Since then, it made 18 billion searches. The potential Bing use rate is around 800 million people through Cortana. 


16. Amazon’s Alexa brings another 100 million into Bing.

Aside from the users coming through Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa add another 100 million into the search engine. 

Yay for voice assistants!


17. Bing grew by 17% in 2018.

There’s been a 17% Bing search growth, according to Microsoft’s data analysis. This number is expected to grow even more in the future. 

There are certain innovations that were implemented in this search engine. If we add the potential contracts with some major companies including Facebook in the mix, the Bing growth might get the company to become the leader in the search industry. 


18. Bing has a lot of partners in the industry.

Just like everything else in life, having a powerful friend on your side can make things quite different. Since Bing is owned by Microsoft, a lot of companies are deciding to cooperate with it. This way, the search engine uses help from many smaller engines who contribute to get better search results. Some of them are Yahoo! Search, DuckDuckGo, AOL, Ecosia,, and others. 

Also, in the dominance competition with Google, it seems like Microsoft is winning on the overall level. The statistics on Google vs Bing say that the second one might have a smaller share of searches at the moment, but the fact that so many powerful partners are on Bing’s side might turn the tables.


19. Bing ads reach 63 million people that Google users don’t get.

If you’re a marketer, you’re surely interested in getting a better reach for your ads. According to Instapage, Bing has a target group of around 136 million people. 

But what’s more important is that the ad presented on Bing will get to 63 million people that Google users won’t see. So, if you’re working in marketing and you’re ignoring the Bing ads statistics, be sure that you’re missing the opportunity for your product to be seen by over 60 million people. 


20. Advertising on Bing is 4 times more affordable than doing the same on Google.

A research made by SpinuTech says that if a company has a budget of $2000 for Google ads, the same company will spend from 400-700 USD for Bing ads. However, there’s more in this story than just numbers. What’s more important here is the Bing product ads conversion rate. Spending a smaller amount of money on Bing will get you more benefits. The CTR and the CPC stats are both on Bing’s side.


21. 82% of businesses haven’t claimed their business place on Bing.

A lot of businesses around the world have the chance to get more impressions by people searching for their business online, but it seems like they don’t use it. The Bing business listing stats say that 82% of companies still haven’t claimed their business on this search engine. Around 44% haven’t done the same on Google. 

If you own a business in the US, claiming it on Google is important without a doubt. Doing the same on Bing is almost equally important – stats showed that almost half of the population uses Bing at some point.


22. Bing made $7.7 billion last year.

The former 2018 fiscal year report, says that Bing made around $7.7 billion. This is just a drop in the ocean of the Microsoft revenue which reported around $110 billion. 

Still, the Bing revenue statistics even though small compared to the rest, is still as important. Especially given its growth. 


23. Bing helps giant e-commerce sites make profits.

In 2016, around 44% of all product searches started on search engines. 

A few years later things are changed dramatically. 

In 2019, only 20% of these searches started on search engines. Bing search statistics, and those of Google too, show that US citizens who need to buy something online turn to Amazon directly 66% of the time. 

This is important because Microsoft Bing is partnered up with Amazon and lots of other ecommerce sites. Amazon search is powered by Bing, and Bing shows Amazon results in ecommerce topics first.

For example, if you are looking to buy toys, Google gives you Walmart as their first result. However, Bing shows Amazon first. 


24. The average cost of an ad at Bing is $1.54.

The average Bing advertising rates across all industries are nearly $2. That means promoting your company on this search engine will cost you almost 2 dollars per click. Having in mind that your commercial will be seen by around 66 million people in the US, it seems like a good bargain.  


25. The Bing conversion rate in the US is 2.94%.

Across all industries, the conversion rate of Bing ads is almost 3%. This is a great number compared to Google who has 1.91%. The highest conversion rate on Bing has the employment and careers industry who get 3.53%. The lowest rate is reserved for business to client industries with 2.12%.

26. With 36%, US Bing users have the highest portion of global Bing usage.

The statistics on Bing users in America show they make 36% of all users worldwide. The second on the list are the UK and Germany with 23%. Third place is for Canada, with 22%. These are numbers are among the most interesting facts about Bing usage. 

All of these countries see a significant rise over the last 4 years. Germany, for example, had the highest jump. Only 7% of Germans used Bing in 2015, but in 2019 this number is up to 23%. In the US, this rise was 5%.

Having in mind that most visits on Bing come through desktop, and Microsoft Windows 10 is getting more and more popular, these numbers are surely only going to go up.


27. Bing users are 35% wealthier than those of Google.

This is very important information for everyone involved in business and marketing. Bing stats show that their users have a lot more income than those of Google and because of that, they spend 35% more when shopping. 


28. Bing users are highly educated.

According to Bing usage stats, 50% of the users are college-educated. They are 46% likely to be married, and there’s only 30% chance they have children.


29. Around 500.000 companies advertise at Bing.

There are many things that attract businesses to advertise at Bing. The lower bing rates and the value are among the most important ones. This is why half a million companies pay for ads on Bing. At the same time, this search engine has around 1800 partners worldwide. 


30. Around 75% of all Bing users search from a desktop computer.

Bing search engine facts show that around 75% of all users that search on Bing do this on desktop computers. Only around 25% do it mobile devices. For comparison, everyone else that is considered more serious competition has this number of at least 50%. DuckDuckGo is the highest with 65% and Google with 64%.

(Statista) [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Conclusion” font_container=”tag:h3|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]If you like investing, Bing should be among the top options!

Even though Bing website statistics show lower results, when compared to those of Google, the same stats show that changes are coming. The Bing website stats will surely be different by 2030. It seems like Microsoft got stuck in the past during the 2010s and missed the opportunity to claim the search engine market. 

However, based on all Bing statistics which show that Microsoft finally started taking care of the search engine market. So, things are likely to change drastically in the future.

Use those statistics to your advantage! Working smarter, not harder, is key.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”FAQ” font_container=”tag:h4|text_align:center” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]

How many searches does Bing get a day?

According to Statista, Bing stats for usage per day say the engine gets 960 million searches per month, which makes it around 32 million per day. In the US only, that’s around 12 million searches per day.

Which country uses Bing the most?

The USA is at the top of the chart, with around 36% of the total global share.

Is Bing more popular than Google?

Even though Bing statistics show a constant rise since the moment it was launched, Google is still more popular on a global level.

What percentage of Bing searches are for Google?

In 2019, Google was the most searched query on Bing. The Bing search stats say that with around 44 million searches, it takes roughly 14% of all the search queries. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_custom_heading text=”Sources:” font_container=”tag:p|text_align:left” use_theme_fonts=”yes”][vc_column_text]


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